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Anti Revoke is an incredibly popular tool, especially with the lack of jailbreaks about right now. Because there is no jailbreak for iOS 11 at the moment, we can’t install Cydia and some users couldn’t even install it with the iOS 10 jailbreak, which was limited to a handful of iOS devices. This led to a spate of app installers being released, each offering some Cydia [ext link] content but without the need to jailbreak. Good news though this was, it did lead to no small amount of trouble with app certificated being revoked on a regular basis by Apple, something which never happened with Cydia.

Image : Anti Revoke Not Working

Anti Revoke protects these apps from having their certificates revoked provided the apps are running on your device before you install it. Like the app installers, Anti Revoke requires no jailbreak to work and is dead simple to download and install. If you want to try it, check out the links below for more details about Anti Revoke and how to get it.

Anti Revoke Errors :

Of those who are already using Anti Revoke, there have been few reports of errors and most people seem to be getting on just fine with it. However, there is one that has been reported by a few people but it is very easy to solve. The error is an ssl error and you are likely to see a message which says, “cannot connect to ssl antirevoke.api” and it happens when the download button is tapped.:

Method 1 :

  1. Shut down the Safari browser on your device   
  2. Ensure you have no apps running
  3. Wait for a coupe of minutes
  4. Try installing Anti Revoke again

Method 2 :

If that didn’t work, try this:

  1. Close Safari down
  2. Close down all open apps on your device
  3. Turn your iPhone or iPad off completely 
  4. Wait for a few minutes and then power your device on again
  5. Try downloading Anti Revoke again

If all else fails, sometimes the best solution may be to delete Anti Revoke from your iPhone or iPad entirely and then try to reinstall it again.

What do you think of Anti Revoke ? Are you using it? If it hasn’t worked for you, do let us know what issues you are having with it and to make sure you are kept fully up with all the developer updates, you can follow us on Facebook .



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