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Until recent times, jailbreaking was undoubtedly the best and only way to get extra features and functionality on our iOS devices. Sadly, since iOS 10 download [ext link ]came out, jailbreaks have been somewhat lacking and we have found ourselves desperately looking around for Cydia alternatives. We found some when several app installers were released to give us some of our Cydia [ext link] content back without the need to jailbreak but there is one problem , Apple keeps on revoking app certificates and closing our apps down.

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The good news is, with Anti Revoke, you can put a stop to all of that right now. Anti Revoke is a brand-new app that, once installed on your device, will work away in the background to block the revocation attempts. It will only work on apps that are already running on your device when you install Anti Revoke so be sure to download all you need before you follow the instructions below. We’re going to show you how to download Anti Revoke onto your iOS 10 device but first, you can find out more information about Anti Revoke at the linked post below:

How to Download Anti Revoke iOS 10 :

There are two ways to do this so choose which method suits you and be sure to follow the instructions exactly as written:

Method 1: Safari Browser [ Easy Method ]

  1. Open Safari browser on your device 
  2. From the address bar, go to 
  3. Give the web page time to load and then tap the UP arrow , iPad users look at the top right and iPhone users, bottom center of the screen 
  4. Now choose Add to Home Screen 
  5. A new page loads, type Anti Revoke into the box and tap on Add 
  6. Close Safari and look on your home screen for the Anti Revoke app

Video: This is a demonstration of these steps

Method 2: Configuration Profile [ Advanced Method ]

  1. On your iOS device, open this link [ File ]
  2. An information page will load, tap the link to Install Directly to iOS device 
  3. Settings will open, tap on Install and type your passcode in 
  4. Safari will open, tap on Install Anti Revoke
  5. Tap Install > Next
  6. Tap on Install on Settings
  7. Tap Install on the confirmation window and then on Done   
  8. Wait for Anti Revoke to be installed to your iOS device

Method 3: Android Only

Android users cannot escape the same fate as iOS users with these app installers because the principle remains the same; they are not official apps and they will crash but luckily Anti Revoke is also compatible with the Android tablets and smartphones as well. Find out how to download it by clicking the Anti Revoke Android download guide

Anti Revoke Alternative :

Anti Revoke is a great tool, but it is not compatible with all installers. There is another one though, called NessTool and it is another VPN tool. By downloading a VPN configuration onto your device, it will work away to protect the certificates, taking up little in the way of resources, and stopping the installer from crashing. Click the link to find out how to download NessTool [ext link] on your device today.

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