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The last year has been pretty poor in terms of jailbreaks and many users have been left trying to find another way to download some of their favorite Cydia content. As we all know, Android users can’t jailbreak their mobile devices and, although they have more freedom, they still can’t get a lot of what Cydia offers. A recent spate of app installers, released initially for iOS users to get some tweaked and modified content, have also been made available to Android users but they will be facing the same problems , Apple revoking app certificates regularly and stopping some of these apps from working.

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Anti Revoke is a new app that stops this from happening. Provided the apps are running on your device when Anti Revoke is installed, the certificates cannot be revoked and you can continue to use your favorite apps and tweaks for as long as you want. Even better, it has now been updated to work on Android Smartphones and Tablets as well so we are going to show you how to download Anti Revoke today.

How to Download Anti Revoke APK :

This isn’t quite so straightforward as it is for iOS users. You will need to download the application package file, or APK for this to work so follow these steps exactly as they are written:

  1. Open Settings > Security on your Android device 
  2. Check the box beside Unknown Source Options and then exit back to your home screen 
  3. Now go to your computer and download the Anti Revoke APK [ File ] it will be in zipped format
  4. Extract the contents and then send the APK in an email to yourself
  5. On your Android device, open the email and download the file
  6. Locate the file on your device and tap it
  7. Wait for Anti Revoke to be installed on your device 

Once installed, Anti Revoke will work in the background and will not interfere with anything else you are doing on your device. If you need to remove it, simply delete it as you would any app on your tablet or smartphone.

Are you interested in trying Anti Revoke on your Android device?  Do let us know how you find it and whether you run into any problems using it. We are always on the lookout for iOS and jailbreak apps that can be used on Android devices too so follow us on Facebook to make sure you are always kept in the loop.

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  1. I don’t understand why we have to download this on our computers first then email the link to our Android devices? What happens if I try to download it directly to my android, will it not work because its in a zip format?

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