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With Cydia being in short supply right now, many iOS users are finding themselves turning to one of several app installers to try to get some of their favorite apps and tweaks. The problem is, because these are not coming through Cydia, Apple is regularly revoking the app certificates, leaving users without the apps once more. Android users are unable to jailbreak and, although their operating system is far more open than the iOS, there are still things they can’t do, like download unlimited paid apps for free.

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Luckily, most of the app installers available will also work on Android devices but, because they are using iOS apps, they too are running into the same situation with the certificates being revoked.  We now have a solution, both for Android and iOS users and it’s called Anti Revoke. This is a new app that, once installed on a device, will stop all current app certificates from being revoked, thus allowing you to enjoy your apps for as long as you want.  For the Android user, the steps are a little more complicated but read on and we’ll show you how to do it.

How to Download Anti Revoke on Android :

This involves downloading the APK so be sure to follow these steps properly or it won’t work:

  1. On your Android device, go to Settings > Security 
  2. Look for Unknown Source Options and make sure the box is ticked , failure to follow this step will stop the APK from installing to your device 
  3. Now download the Anti Revoke APK onto your Mac or PC
  4. This will be a zipped file so extract the contents
  5. Email the APK to yourself
  6. On your Android device, open the email and download the file
  7. Find it on your Android device and tap on it
  8. Wait for Anti Revoke to be installed on your device 

Anti Revoke does not interfere with anything else on your device as it works in the background.

Are you intending to install Anti Revoke on your Android tablet or smartphone ? Tell us how you get on with it , did it work for you or are you still having trouble with certificates being revoked? If you are, you may need to follow the installation instructions again as it may not have installed correctly the first time.

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