What is Anti Revoke ?

Any iOS user knows that, if they want to install third-party customizations [ modified apps ] and tweaks on their devices then they must first jailbreak. However, with the distinct lack of jailbreaks about right now, users have been turning to other ways to install those apps and tweaks and that is where the problems start. Many users report that one or more of these apps or tweaks has crashed and will no longer work and there is a very good reason for this.

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All apps rely on a certificate from Apple that says they can run but some developers use expired certificates. It doesn’t take Apple too long to discover that these certificates are in use when they shouldn’t be and it takes even less time for them to revoke them, leaving you high and dry without the app. Until now. A new app called Anti Revoke works to stop this from happening.

What is Anti Revoke ?

Anti Revoke is a certificate that gives you unlimited access to all of the third-party applications you have on your device. The only snag is, these apps must already be running on your device when you install the certificate otherwise they will not be covered by it. This covers all third-party applications and those ++ modified apps that we like to install and it will solve all revoked certificate issues.

It works without the need for a jailbreak and you don’t even need your computer; just your iPhone or iPad and a decent working internet connection.  It installs a Anti Revoke to your iOS device that halts the process of revocation and it was developed by @JosephShenton; we can expect support for the app to continue for the foreseeable future.

How to Download Anti Revoke :

Downloading Anti Revoke is very simple; as we said, no need for a jailbreak or for a computer. We have drawn up a full guide for you on how to download Anti Revoke and you can find all the details, including download links, at the post below:

In the current climate of few usable jailbreaks, with more users turning to alternative ways of getting third tweaks and customized apps, crashes and app revocations are becoming more common. Anti Revoke is a very welcome app and we would urge you to give it a go.

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  1. Thank you Anti Revoke Team for the awesome app. All my revoked apps are not further being revoked after using your app. Its the best .

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